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Thread: LCD or 'old' plasma?

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    Default LCD or 'old' plasma?

    Hello all,

    I'm looking for a new tv but I still don't know if a like LCD better then Plasma.

    I found a good info site: [removed]

    But I think I need some more user info... Can anyone give me some tips?
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    Get an LCD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob010 View Post
    Can anyone give me some tips?
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    if this is genuine and not spam I would definitely go for LCD!! In my experience plasma always breaks!

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    Definitely an LCD! Much better picture quality, lower energy and MUCH more reliable

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    LCD will be the best option to Choose Please suggest me about what will be the best Camera for me as I am going to buy a New Digital Camera Soon.

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    Definitely an LCD is better than plasma it have better quality of picture and lower energy costs and more reliable that’s why the LCD is the best selection.

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    Agree with all, just go for either LCD or LED. They provide much better picture quality and some consume less power.

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    Neither: LED

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