Hello, its time to get your pens (or in this case fingers) and fill in a quick questionnaire for me.

Basically my final AVCE ICT Coursework Unit is all about webpage design etc. It really is a walkover, but I need feedback. Normally I would make it up myself (wouldn't we all? Say our websites perfect?) But this is a real website (hosted here infact) I run anyway so may well use it to get some proper feedback.

The website is - http://www.cba-productions.co.uk

If you could fill this out it would be great. Made it simple so you can mainly reply with

1. a
2. b


Only need about 10 or so. Just fill it in if you have a minute!

Here we go...

This questionnaire is designed so that problems and issues with the CBA-Production Website can be resolved. Your input and feedback is important to the improvement of the site.

1. Upon visiting the site. What did you think of the colour scheme used? (State all that apply)
a Pleasant on the eye
b Hard to read the text
c Good bend of colours
d Other (please state)

2. What did you think of the flash used on the website?
a I think their should be more flash
b I found it pleasant to use
c I feel it shouldn’t have been used

3. How easy did you find the website to navigate?
a Very easy
b Easy
c Average
d Hard
e Very hard

4. What did you think of the layout of the pages?
a Simple, easy to find what I wanted
b Average, took a while to sort through the content
c A mess, I couldn’t find anything

5. Did you find the content interesting? Was it well presented?
a Yes, a very interesting website
b Yes, it sounds interesting, although not my kind of website
c No, it wasn’t interestingly portrayed.

6. Did the video trailers play properly using the steaming function?
a Yes, they played fine
b Yes, but I would prefer another method of streaming such as Flash/QuickTime
c No, I couldn’t get them to work. (No Audio/Video/Anything)

7. Did the site load quickly enough for your liking?
a Yes, no problems with it
b Yes, but would prefer not to have flash so it was even faster
c No, it was too slow
d No, but I am on dial up and I accept sites don’t load fast for me

8. Did all the links work properly? Did you encounter any problems while on the website?

9. Any ideas for future improvements to the site?

Thank you for your feedback, and your time.