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Thread: Making music vid with Vegas Pro 9

  1. Default Making music vid with Vegas Pro 9

    I posted under the general area earlier, didnt see section at the time and i think my question would be more for this area of the forum.

    I made a music vid a while back. The movie was in AVI format, i converted it with Prism to WMV format. Since it was my first vid i didnt care about the quality. Now i would like to redo my vid with some higher quality video. Now i borrowed my friends laptop again which has vegas on it along with 2 AVI and 1 MKV of the video i want to use. All are really good quality. Problem being, vegas wont open them in their current form. So i tried converting them only to have the quality go south.

    Being im new to the whole editing thing, im not really sure where to go next. I read in the one sticky about updating codec, another was about downloading Divx and having that uptodate. Its the trial version of it and im not going to spend the 30 bucks on it if i dont need it. So i was wondering if someone could help me out with getting these files to open in Vegas?

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    Use a program called Gspot to find out what codec you need and then download the codec. Then Vegas will edit the files.

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    I downloaded Gspot, and under video it says the codex is XVID, so i downloaded that and installed. Now under status it says Codec(s) are installed. When i try opening the video with vegas is freezes and crashes.

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