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Thread: Making a music video, some advice on software.

  1. Default Making a music video, some advice on software.

    I want to redo a music vid I did awhile back using Sony Vegas Pro that I got from a friend. The orginal video quality wasn't good, I was just starting out so it didnt matter that much. Now I want to redo it in higher quality. So i'm going to need a better source. I went and bought a DVD of the movie, but when I ripped it to my computer the quality wasn't very good.

    So I found blu ray source of the movie that was in AVI format 1920x819 res. The quality was just fine for what I wanted to use, but when using AVI in vegas, its only the sound. So I used Prism Video converter to put in WMV format and changed the output res to 1280x720. But the quailty was ok in some spots others it was bad. But i'm not sure what I all need to accomplish this task. Like I said earlier i'll be using sony vegas pro to make the video, I just need to get my movie into WMV format. Preferably so my final video is 720p or 1080p quality if i can.

    Anyone have some suggestions for me?

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    No its not for release, just for fun. Im new to everything really so im probably not explaining things properly. My friend does things like this but doesnt seem to want to help much. This is what she had me do the first time along with telling me what software to use. I obtained a copy of the movie in AVI format. Use Prism to convert it to WMV. I took the movie and the song i wanted to use and opened them in Vegas Pro. I removed the movies sound track so only the video was there and i also edited the length of the song. I then took the sections of the movie i wanted to use and combined it with the song. Upon rendering the final version, i was happy except for a few frames of the video and the quality of it. It was all blocky looking. It was the first time i did anything like this so it didnt matter much. Now im feeling like redoing it with higher quality video. I have a DVD of the movie i can use along with a AVI that is suppose to be from a blu ray copy in 1920x819 res.

    So thinking about it, the finished res doesnt have to be super high, i just want the quality to look sharp and clear, like when i watch a dvd on my LCD tv/monitor.

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    No, i have 2 different sources, a DVD and a AVI. Sony Vegas Pro needs WMV format. This is what i was told from the person who i got it from. Now im not sure how to get vegas to use whats on the DVD, my friend told me to use a ripper. That will remove the copyright and allow me to edit the video. I tried that, but the video quality after the rip wasnt good. So i tried converting the AVI to WMV, but that quality isnt that good. Maybe i need to start from scratch and get something other then Vegas.

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    No i havent tried the rename thing, not really sure on how to do it. Yes avi i have is good quality, but when i load it up in vegas only the audio appears. I have also come across a copy thats a MKV format? That doesnt even show up when i try to open it in vegas. The quality on that is really good. I was told it needs to be in WMV format for vegas to show both audio and video.
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    The "proper" way to get the MPEG stream from a VOB file into Vegas is to use "File | Import | DVD Camcorder Disc" (Yes I know it's not froma DVD Camcorder, but I think this is just Sony's way of reminding us that importing a commercial product is illegal.

    Whoever told you about it needing to be wmv is talking rubbish. Vegas likes all sorts. Well, all sorts of editing formats, it's not keen on some delivery formats (eg MKV, DivX)

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