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    Hey guys, just releasing CRAZY ABOUT YOU, and what a unique project this way! We did it for a 24 hour film festival and the results were very unique in my eyes. The goal of the festival was to have a script done the night before and film and edit it all in 24 hours. Anyways here is the flick, not as straight forward as my other films as far as messages are concerned.

    (8 Min Approx)

    AND if you missed it the preview of LIGHT OF EDEN

    (3 Min)

    The main channel: YouTube - fcrabbath's Channel
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    Video removed by user?!

    Eden looks nicely shot (although I thought the trailer was a bit long for what happens in it). What was the camera, a Canon 50D or sommat?

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    I liked this. I thought you did a good job with camera placement and how you used unique angles. Where did you shoot this video? The landscape is super cool. The music kept me interested in what as going on in the clip. The only thing I didn't like was the acting, it didn't seem real to me. On the video end though I'd give it two thumbs up.

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