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    I have just pruchased an old sony dvr and need some help, I need to record videoke using the firewire for the video but i would like to use a separate soundcard for the audio, this means recording 1 stereo track for music, 1 mono track for vocals, and 1 video track all preferably synchronised any ideas on suitable software would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

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    I don't understand what you mean by use a separate soundcard for the audio. Do you mean you will be recording the sound separately to the Video. Most video editing programs will cope with this kind of thing.

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    Thanks for the reply, my description is a bit vague so I will try to elaborate
    I have a singer who sings into a microphone which is plugged into a audio mixer along with a CD player, these are then output separately using groups on the audio mixer to a soundcard in the computer using vegas, this all works fine.
    As she sings the camera records her performance and is sent into the computer using firewire this all works, but using sony's Video Capture, the option to select the soundcard as the audio source is greyed out on the menu, I suspect Video Capture is expecting to get audio through the firewire cable which it does through the built in microphone on the camera, but the quality is not up to par. I tried plugging the mixer group outputs into the camera audio inputs, but the Auto gain control on the camera just brings up masses of hiss and is not really useable, obviously a mismatch.
    So the only way I can do this, is press record on vegas to start recording the audio, then press record on Video Capture and start recording the video, problem is they are obviously not in sync. Also doing it this way I am not sure of the result as over 3-4 minute song, if I manually line the video to the audio will they drift out of time as they are both freewheeling.
    Is there a way or setting where I can start both recordings simultaniously. or set the soundcard as the audio source in Video Capture.
    hopefully this explains the problem a bit better.
    Thanks in anticipation

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    Right I understand what you are trying to do. I've not heard of using Vegas like this. I presume you used an in put to the camera from a line output on the desk and not a speaker output this might be why you got a lot of hiss. I also presume you can't turn off the autogain on the camera otherwise you would have do that.

    What you could do is capture the audio on the computer through Vegas as, you are doing. At the same time but as a separate process record the video with the camera and capture that later onto the computer. You should be able to line up the video and the separate audio without it going out of sync, they are both digital. Use a clapper board or just a clap in front of the camera at the beginning of the take, to help you line up the two separate parts.

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    Thanks for the quick responce
    I live in the Philippines and run a recording studio here so am pretty much up on Audio, but video is a complete new ballgame for me.
    Karaoke here is big business and still a growing market.
    Another thing I did not mention is that from the DVD player ( I think I put CD player in my last post, apologies) a analog video connection is used to show the words on a TV screen for the singer, along with the analogue audio connection going to the mixer mentioned previously.
    Vegas was recommended to me by the local retailer and reading up on there website it seemed to be the software to use. If you know of a program that maybe more suitable please do let me know.
    I like the clapper board idea and will get my tools out later as I am sure this will greatly help.
    One other question For you if you dont mind, If I was to get an analogue video recorder card for the computer ,and use the analogue video output of the camera would the quality suffer, as against using the firewire, and would this allow me to use my present soundcard.

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