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Thread: Rotoscoping Brush Test (Run over by car)

  1. Default Rotoscoping Brush Test (Run over by car)

    First time working with the rotoscope brush, tried to have myself getting run over by my mum.
    I have my own issues with what went wrong, but i'll leave it for you guys to decide

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    Over all I think you did a good job. The one point which didn't look right was at 13 seconds where the "broken leg" moves in front of the driver side front wheel this is odd because a few frames earlier it was much more to the other side of the car. The other minor point is a small artifact on the bottom of your right foot when you are under the car. Good sound effects well timed helped to sell the effect.

    I loved the gag at the end.

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    Cheers for your comments!
    I'm aware of everything you said, something i'll definatley be fixing on my next attempt.
    The only sound effect was when the door hit my head, the rest was recorded at the time of filming, the break in it at the start however is down to someone talking just before the car comes in, which i had to try and cover up.
    Thanks again!

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    Well if the car sounds where recorded at the time, your mother is a maniac driver.

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    Midnight is absolutely right, but irrespective, it still doesn't look quite right. I'm sure this is why it's much more effective (and much cheaper) to hire highly skilled stunt actors.

    But none of that matters. What really matters in this film is the head being hit by te car door. There I see a real talent for comedy and timing. It's content what counts!

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    Thanks for your comments, albeit it cheaper and better, as a teenager at home, paying someone or diving under the car myself isn't possible, maybe when i get my pot off lol.
    And yeah i knew i wouldn't be able to get the effect looking incredible, as i know im just not that good yet, plus i needed something to stand out. Lots of people can try out an effect, i felt that simply adding that little part with the door makes such a difference.
    Thanks again

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    I wasn't suggesting we, as amateurs, should be paying for stunt (or any) actors. I just thought this video demonstrated that even though the sort of software we have at our disposal is phenominally clever, the difference between "pretty darn good" and "real" gets harder and harder to reduce the closer you get. I think your attemt was pretty good. You'd taken trouble to work out where the shadow would lie etc. I think the problem with the effect was more in the acting (apart from Midnight's leg over comment). It looke dneither like you slipped uner the car nor you were hit by it.

    On the other hand (as I said above) the head collision was perfect!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TimStannard View Post
    (apart from Midnight's leg over comment).
    Trust you to put it like that.

    I still chuckle at the end.

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    And yeah i knew i wouldn't be able to get the effect looking incredible, as i know im just not that good yet
    You might be surprised at just how close you are. Take into consideration the shadow under the car, if you add this over your subject as the car rolls over it (you), your clip will look very convincing.

    If you look at the clip you cut to (I love the head banging the door thing too) the body is in shadow.

    I'd add a pretty deep shadow to yourself as you go under the car, the cars shadow is deep and you look like you go right under it (well, if you imagine the shadow you do). Then I'd evaluate the cut and consider deepening the shadow on your legs on the clip you cut to (just a bit), feathered towards your torrso of course. It might not be necessary but if it looked a bit odd otherwise it would fix things.

    It would be a wrong lighting situation but it would match up better and you could adjust both back and forward to get a good compromise on a match if you needed to.

    Please do this, I'd love to see it. I know your a clued up guy with the ability to work things out, you couldn't have got it this far if you weren't. But if If you want any tips on doing this quickly let me know.

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    Thanks for your comments, this is definatley an effect i'm going to go back to, plus i dont actually need crutches anymore which opens up the option of a more exciting shot.
    I feel it would just work better to do a completely fresh shoot, mix it up a little bit, and then make that one perfect!

    Thanks again for your feedback

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