Hi there,

This summer I've been on holiday in Australia and I've made about 2 hours of video in total with the Sony Handycam HDR-CX115E. It's a great videorecorder, but I have a problem:

In the past I had an old videorecorder, which just saved all the things I recorded, as óne big video. That video I put on the computer, and then I opened the file in the programme Ulead Video Studio. Afterwards I could edit anything I wanted, so I could make óne video.

But the Sony Handycam saved all the small videos apart, so now I have like 400 small videos. Some are just 5 seconds, some are 5 minutes.
I've put them all on my computer, but now I have to open every single video, to see what it is.

My question is: does anyone know how to put all the small videos of the Sony Handycam, as ONE big video on my computer? So I can work with one file in Ulead Video Studio or any other programme, and not with 400 different, small videos.

Thanks a lot in advance! I'd love to make a summaryvideo of this big holiday, but I just don't know how so I hope anyone can help me!

Kind regards,