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    Hi, i want some text to appear over some footage in Vegas. I want it to come on screen letter by letter, as if it's been typed left to right. I know how to put static text on the screen, but i don't know how to give it that scrolling movement. Anyone know if this is possible?

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    Do you have Vegas Pro, if so use the ProType Titler. You can do all sorts of funky things with it. If you haven't got it doing that kind of thing is possible but much more messing around. For example if you want to "Type out" the word cat you would have to use key frames type a C make a keyframe then move along the time line a bit and type an A next to the C, make a keyframe move along type a T, make a keyframe point.

    Thats how you make letters appear one after the other. To make them move is a similar process but moving the work from the placement tab.

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    Thanks MB good info - but also the answer i was dreading. One more reason to get the upgrade to Pro. Might be worth it just to keep my sanity in this instance.

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    It can be done without the upgrade, make the text clip make the duration you want one character to be on the screen for, then copy it and remove a character until your done to the last(or first) letter
    , butt up the clips on the time line and that should be it

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    Per Cheema's method....
    or, use keyframes within the text editor to add one character at a time. Make sure your text is set to left aligh though, otherwise each additional letter will result in re-centering of teh text.
    Actually with Cheema's method you still need to amke sure the text is left aligned.

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