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Thread: Render bar stays Red

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    Default Render bar stays Red

    Every time i drag my footage into the timeline in Premiere, the render bar is always red. I know if you have the settings right in the sequence at start it should automatically be green. But i cannot seem to find the right setting.

    The camera i have is the Canon HFS200, can someone help me in the setup of the sequence?
    The quality is at its highest at 24mps

    Many thanks

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    I beleive it stays red until after you render what's in the timeline?? then it turns green.

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    I understand that the HFS200 is an AVCHD camera. Premiere CS4 was the first version of Premiere to support AVCHD, and ships with AVCHD presets. However, to ensure that your imported videos play in the timeline without rendering (i.e you don't have the red bar), you need to select a preset that matches your video. You can check the settings of your video by right clicking the clip in the bin and selecting properties. This will give you two important pieces of info: the frame size and the fps. Make a note of these.

    Now create a new sequence in your project (File > New > Sequence). Browse to the AVCHD folder, and then select the preset that matches the settings of your video. (Your video is likely to be under the AVCHD > 1080p25 if you're posting from the UK - the 1080 = the height of the frame, the p = progressive and the 25 = the fps).

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    > I know if you have the settings right in the sequence at start it should automatically be green.
    Not quite. Here's what the render bar colors mean (from this page):

    "A red render bar appearing in the time ruler of a sequence indicates an unrendered section that probably must be rendered in order to play back in real time and at full frame rate. A yellow render bar indicates an unrendered section that probably does not need to be rendered in order to play back in real time and at full frame rate. Regardless of their preview quality, sections under either red or yellow render bars should be rendered before you export them to tape. A green render bar indicates a section that already has rendered preview files associated with it."

    Anyway, as you've already determined, the trick is to get your sequence settings to match your footage settings. You didn't say what version of Premiere Pro you're using. I hope that it's Premiere Pro CS5, because in that version, you can create a sequence that perfectly matches your footage by dragging the footage item to the New Item button at the bottom of the Project panel. See this page.
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    Thanks for the replies everyone. To Marc Peters, when i select them settings it still goes red when i add the footage into the timeline before i even try and edit the footage. I did select the properties on the footage and they do match up with the right sequence, only thing that is different is the sound quality. In the footage i took it says its 48000hz Compressed Stero, but the sequence says 48000hz Stero. would this be the problem?

    I tried selecting the 1080i25 for a test and that work when and went green when i inserted it into the timeline. Only thing is im sure this camera is 1080p not 1080i

    I am running cs4


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