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Thread: Blackout - Short Horror Movie

  1. Smile Blackout - Short Horror Movie

    Filmed this about a year ago but only recently dug up the footage to edit it.

    Parts of this were edited back when it was filmed, most of it was done today however

    Quite pleased with how it turned out tbh

    Feel free to be as brutal with criticsm as you see fit


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    I think there was to much of the flashing and shaking effect to make it watchable. I can see how using it sparingly would added tension to the piece but it was over used. I like to "ghost past the window effect and the distorted door looked good but really it was just an exercise in FX rather than any kind of story. I couldn't make out the talking at the end but generally I liked the sound FX.

    Why was it blue.

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    Yeah, i wanted to try out a bunch of some, a lot being tension and suspense building sound effects. I'm not even sure about the story myself as it was shot a year ago, the talking was recorded on the compact digital camera i filmed with, so thats why its so bad.
    Well back when i had just got into after effects, i was like, i can CC it to make it dark, and at the time i filmed this, i also CC'd half of the shots and they came out blue, so i had to make do when i finished editing it.
    Thanks for your comments

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    I liked the colour you added to make the surreal element but it seemed a bit disjointed to the effects. The effects were very good (and sorry Midnight) I didn't think over used but don't feel the purpley/blue filter worked together with the effects. I'd have gone for a washed out bleached filter but then that would probably have looked disjointed against the urban grey if you know what I mean. More blood at the end next time please!

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    i really liked the editing at the end with the kid almost jumping to different spots in the room. i thought it was a nice complement to the whole supernatural feel i think you were going for.

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