Hello all, if anyone could lend a hand, I would sincerely be grateful.

I have an old version of PPro --- v 1.0 (v7.0) --- and I have also installed Quicktime Pro 7 on my Windows XP. I just got my iPhone 4 and was going to try to see if Adobe would edit the .mov files from it.

I've tried importing the .mov files a hundred different ways - been trying to convert with Quicktime to a different codec/compression type other than H.264 but alas, every single time PPro crashes with the pop-up "Sorry a serious error...We will attempt to save.. Yadayada"

The weird thing is that, since I installed Quicktime, I now have the option in PPro's Media Encoder to EXPORT a .mov at H.264! So... I can export but not import iPhone 4 files? Sooooo confused.

Also, I can even see the thumbnail preview of the movie footage in the Project window right after I import the video for about 1/2 a second and then BAM! Crash.