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    When I add audio to my videos the sync is perfect, but if I don't play the video from the beginning, the audio still starts from the beginning no matter what. Also, if I do start from the beginning and click back in the video, the audio just keeps playing forward instead of jumping back with the video. I'm running a Windows 7 i3 4GB ram 7200rpm. i just reinstalled it and the problem still exists. Any help is appreciated.

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    Does the audio clip move on the time line when you start from the middle. Does is play correctly when it has been rendered. You could always render out the clip and try using that. As for why it's doing it I have no idea.

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    Nope- I can see the sound file and it just flat out doesn't match what I'm hearing. I'm not sure what you mean by rendering it because it's while I'm in the editing process and the audio track is a single file.

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    Sorry but this is very strange it's as if Premiere is not reading the time code in the audio file properly. I'm not at all familiar with Premiere but hopefully someone can help. The only thing I can think for you to try is to convert the audio file into a different format wave files are usually rock solid. Sorry I can't help anymore.

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    What version of Premiere Pro? If Premiere Pro CS5, have you installed the Premiere Pro CS5 (5.0.2) update ( Premiere Pro CS5 (5.0.2) update: bug fixes and CUDA support Premiere Pro work area )? That update fixes a lot of problems.

    What kind of audio file?
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    Premiere Elements 9.. it was an mp3. This problem existed for a good 2 weeks and has seemed to resolve itself on its own.. I'd still like to know what happened.

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