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Thread: Something to record with m42 lenses

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    Hey, recently I fell in love with Carl Zeiss Jena with m42 mount. I only have an old Praktica and Pentax k100d. What is the cheapest way to shoot video in a decent quality with this lens? Or a quality and depth of field equivalent in a low price?

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    You could look at something like a Nikon D90 I think that shoots HD video, if the lens will fit. That's not a recommendation just the cheapest thing I could think of that could take the lens.

    When you say low price, what does that mean in real terms. I could point you in the direction of some very nice cameras but they would mostly be in the region of 10's of thousands, I guess thats not really what your looking for right now.

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    You can buy an adapter. I was thinking about this price point, maybe even something cheaper. Is D90 the first DSLR with video capabilities?

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    It's not the first of even the cheapest but anything cheaper would either not record good video or not able to take the lens. There may be ways to rig something up with cheaper alternatives but I'm sure this would be a pain in the bum or not have a reasonable image quality.

    The Nikon D3100 is a bit cheaper which looks interesting. You may find THIS ARTICLE of interest.

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    Thanks very much. I'll read that later.

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