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Thread: Problems with MP4 files

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    Question Problems with MP4 files

    Hi everybody,

    I started recently to edit with Vegas 9.0 and mostly edited .avi files from my miniDV and photo camera. But I got some MP4 files from HD Sanyo camcorder from friend of mine and they don't run smoothly neither in Vegas nor in Real Player. The audio and video are not in synchrony and it shows on steps when play-backed.
    What's the problem?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Please state your PC specs. It could simply be that your computer is struggling with HD footage.

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    My computer specs are:
    - AMD 64, 2.19GHz
    - 3GB RAM
    - NVIDIA GeForce 6200SE

    Another noob question. When I open my file in Vegas it says that all my files are off line. I just moved the entire root folder a level up. Could this be the problem and how to get those files in the Vegas files since they were not have been moved from their place?
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    Ok first your PC is a little weak for full on HD editing. You could reduce the preview quality to help the video run smoother. You should also keep your disks unfragmented and not to full. It should also help if you can have your media files on a different HD to the OS.

    Second if you move the working files on your computer Vegas will open up with the can't find media message giving various options what to do. Choose the option to locate the files and browse to the new location, Vegas will see that all the other files are in that same location as say do you want to use these, say yes.

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    Thanks a lot!

    The think is that Vegas does not give me the option the navigate to the specific location, but instead go to scan the entire C drive on the system which I suppose takes a lot of time to find them.

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    Are you using Vegas Pro 9 or Vegas Studio 9. In the Pro version there is definitely an option you can choose to browse to the new location along with a few others, it's the second one down on the list.

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    Thank you very much!!!
    I was playing with that option yesterday, but did not know how to find the files, since all of the files(mostly still images) were missing.
    After you explained me, I located the first file and then Vegas Pro 9 found all the rest.
    Thanks again!

    When I moved the root folder(a level up) did not expect to mess up the files since the are in sub-folders of the main one, but actually it did matter.

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    I rendered the MP4 files which are 1920x1080HD into 640x360. One try in rendered into MP4 again and the other one into .wmv
    This time they run smoothly, but I am wondering which will be the best file format to render before I begin editing - .avi, .MP4, .wmv or some other extension?

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    .avi is usually regarded as the best format for editing as it is usually uncompressed. So when rendering down you will also loose less image quality.

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    I asked because the same clip rendered as .avi still does not play smoothly, when .wmv and MP4 rendered in the same pixel aspect ratio play o.k.
    And the .avi file is 14 times bigger than the .wmv

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