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    Default Light Of Eden - Preview

    Hey guys just wanted to share another sneak preview for light of eden. The film will be out Nov. 15th! Look out for it! Also CRAZY ABOUT YOU will be released after tomorrow!

    (3 Min)

    The main channel: YouTube - fcrabbath's Channel
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    Freddie, you always make great looking movies. How you do this on such low budgets is a talent all in it's self. The sheer amount of work you put out puts most other film makers to shame. Yes, I am kissing your arse but I would never do that unless it was fully deserved. How about doing a master class on the forum to give some of us some pointers.

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    Indeed. I'm impressed at how you managed to build pyramids and a ruined temple in Florida on a budget of $50.
    Polish builders?

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    Will have a behind the scenes soon! Thanks for watching guys! When you say master class, not sure what you mean?

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    Something like a "How to shoot a movie for $50" thread. Tell us your winning formula how you get cast, crew, locations together, What your equipment is and what you do to get the best out of them. You could have a Q&A session at the end where we ask you how you managed to do this and that. Like some of the tracking shots in Scarlets Witch look really smooth but were done in the middle of a wood. OR how you go pyramids in Florida etc.

    That kind of thing.

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    Agreed. I would love to see a Behind the Scenes with a Q&A. The clarity and the overall "look" of this video is very impressive. I definitely wouldn't mind seeing your bag of tricks how you achieved it.

    I can't wait to see more! Keep up the good work.

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