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Thread: HDV Video deinterlacing problems

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    Question HDV Video deinterlacing problems

    Hey Guys!

    I've recently bought a Canon HV20 camcorder, used, and the guy who owned it before me showed me a few things. My big problem is the deinterlacing. He was using windows 7, and HDVsplit. While he was capturing the video with HDVsplin, windows 7 automatically deinterlaced it. I have installed yesterday windows 7 and it doesn't work for me. I mean i can capture video from my cam, but my windows doesn't deinterlace it automatically. It could be a codec problem ? Please help if you can 'cause i have lots of clips and i don't have time to deinterlace them one by one.

    Later Edit : I've tried to deinterlace it with Sony Vegas 9 when rendering, but it just doesn't look the same. It's not that smooth like's not smooth at all.
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    Did you select Upper field first in Sony Vegas. Why do you need to deinterlace your clips. You could use them and then render your final edit as desired, this would lead to a better quality image at the end.

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    Have you got any external decoder installed, like Core Codec, or DivX? Also, are you using Windows Media Player to play your files?

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