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Thread: Fashion Industry Death Camp (comedy)

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    Cool Fashion Industry Death Camp (comedy)

    Hello all! It's been a while since I've popped by, I've been so busy with a work project I haven't had time to think!

    My first free day in ages and I decided to go out and film this (filmed and edited in one day). People may remember this video, it IS based on a previous video of mine. But I have re-written the script and re-filmed to be much much shorter and sharper. The previous version was 7 and a half minutes, this one comes in at 3mins. The whole point of me re-doing it was to get it to this length.

    Hope you enjoy:

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    Nice to see you back again Matt. I thought this was a very nicely constructed piece. Because I've seen the first one I already new the gag. I think the mock sincerity of the presenter in the first one was better than this attempt but that doesn't mean your portrayal wasn't good in this one. I hope you get chance to do more in the near future. I did lol at the end.

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    Thanks MB, I rarely (well, never) re-visit and re-do old videos, but for this one I decided it was worth it. The shorter form certainly helps it as 7.5 mins really was too long.

    I know what you mean about the delivery of the final line. It is never quite the same when you try to recapture an original and ad-libbed delivery, the facial expressions, the tone. But on the whole im very happy with it.

    I've got a couple of new video ideas brewing, it's just getting the time these days!

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    The move to the shorter length is certainly a good one - more people will be around for the payoff. I don't think it lost anything, content-wise and was much better scripted. Having said that, it did lose something of the magic of the first version - I'm not sure whether that's because you were no longer being spontaneous or whether I've become over familiar with the concept. I actually thought the delivery of final line was as good as, if not better than, the previous version.

    Great to see you back having a bit of time to "play".

    PS Where are my royalties for the WIndsor Castle footage?

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    hehe well as soon as I make any money from the dancing vid, you'll be the first to get a cut. But don't hold your breath

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