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  1. Smile Hello... I'm New Here

    Hi to all,

    Thought I would introduce myself for my first post (before I start picking all your brains ) I am a wedding videographer specialised in Indian Weddings.

    I have only started this year - I did two jobs just to build my portfolio - shot on the Sony HVR-Z7e (hired equipment). I shoot solo but as soon as I can afford it I will be seeking an assistant. Shooting an Indian Wedding is a complicated task all by itself but to do it solo is damn hard I can tell you.

    I had lighting issues - more so with on-camera lighting when moving away from the central stage (where the majority of the ceremony takes place). I hired the IDX-X3 lite which provided a good fill light when at the centre stage however at the times where it was serving as the main light it just looked horrible and had a very in your face spot light look to it.

    Anyhow I have bookings for 2011 and I really want to step up my game, so I am now looking into using a DSLR to shoot the entire wedding weekend. But as I am a newbie to this new trend in videography I obviously have a barrage of questions, some of which go as follows:

    - Firstly, does anyone here shoot with either a 5DMKII, 7D or 550D?
    - What kind of mount/rig do you use? (I have been looking into the Steadicam Merlin and Red Rock Nano Rigs)
    - What solutions do you have to obtaining better sound? as I have heard that the built in mics are quite poor.
    - How do you handle the viewfinder restrictions when getting high and low shots?
    - What kind of workflow am I looking at when going into post-production especially when the output will be DVD?


    - Do you recommend any good & reliable hire companies based in the UK?

    A lot of question and I dont expect them all to be answered but for those that do get answered, thank youThank you for reading my first post and I look forward to being part of the community. Thank you for any help or advice in advance.

    In conclusion Hello & Thank You..

    Kind Regards

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    Hi and welcome. You'll find heaps of good information here and as video techniques and equipment are always advancing there's bound to be loads for you and us to learn.

    My advice, for what it's worth Considering you have only done a couple of wedding videos, I would try to walk before you run. You may think you have it all sussed, but let your one experience with a video light be a guide.
    Aside from all the commercial/education work we do, We've produced approx 100's of wedding DVDs, and weddings are (especially Asian one's) notorious for wrong footing even the most experienced operator.
    Try to get a reputation for producing very stylish wedding DVDs with a regular Z7 video camera or better still 2. Once you've mastered manual focus/WB/exposure/sound levels, you'll be in a far better position to handle all the attributes of Canon's stills camera offerings.
    Many operators who are already established masters of video cameras are finding the true limitations of the current stills cameras video functions. My feelings are that in a few years time these cameras will be totally different beasts, more user friendly and controllable.
    best of luck!
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