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    Here is a new video that I made at school. Its a scooby doo themed video

    Tell me what you think.

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    Hi. I can clearly see that a lot of effort has gone into this, not a huge amount to say about it negatively, some of the acting wasn't great but a few good performances. I kinda skipped through bits of it, I don't think I could have sat through the entire 7:40 otherwise.

    You had a good variety of shots however, these sort of vids I see often suffer from a lack of shots, mostly just a poorly positioned locked off camera recording whole scenes at a time - something which is not the case here. Music is integrated well also.

    Not bad, but not outstanding either. Maybe I'm biased, I hated scooby doo!

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    I think I've found your audience, my 7 year old daughter thought it was very funny, While I don't fully agree with her it did have some good comedy moments. eg the Thelma character was well conceived and there are some good one liners. If it was cut down a bit it would be more watchable. I'm sure your class mates loved it.

    Like Clay said you had some good shots especially at 43 secs. seeing the clown in the mirror. It shows that you put some thought into it. Also the sound wasn't to bad which is where a lot of this type of video often falls down.

    Be proud of what you achieved.

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    I enjoyed it. I thought you got the essense of the series quite well. It didn't descend into high school/college humour in the way many of these sort of projects do and you are to be congratulated for this. I liked the way all the characters were played by males, yet clearly Thelma was wa female character (no real evidence of Daphne[?} though - maybe something could have been made of the glamourous babe). There were some magic moments - the chase, the "team talk", the mirror shot (as mentioned above) and "Shaggy's" walk was superb.

    Areas for improvement - sound - definitely sound. It wasn't bad, but could have been better. Get some mics in closer. Music was good however. There was a good selection of shots, but I do wonder if they could have been a bit more atmospheric at times - dunno - maybe the clinical look of a clean college actually added to the humour.

    Good job. Not great, but certainily working towards it.

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