I'm thinking of buying a still Canon EOS 7D or EOS 5D Mark II which both do high def video with shallow DoF or a Camcorder (not sure which) and wondered if anyone here can offer any suggestions which way I should go.
Currently I own a still Canon EOS 30D camera (which doesn't do video) with several lenses and a flash all of which work with the 7D but only 1 will work with the 5DII.
Ideally I want a video camera for amateur film making and hopefully some contracted work if I get good enough and if i'm lucky maybe then build up enough confidence to try my hand at weddings.
I have a large double garage at home that I would like to turn into a studio for both still and video.
I have no knowledge whatsoever on video cameras but I must admit the idea of getting my hands on a DSLR that can produce stunning quality as seen on the 7D & 5DII whilst being remarkably cheap as id trade in the 30D is very appealing. But I'm unsure whether they will do the job. What do you think guys? Below ive listed the fors and againsts as I currently see them
Good Points
· I am used to using a Canon SLR camera so less to learn
· It means I could sell my EOS30d to help raise money to pay for it and replace with the 7D or 5DII and still have a good-no actually better still camera
· Less to carry if taking on hols etc
· Can transfer the lenses Canon EF 28-80mm, Tamron AF 55-200mm, Canon EF-S 18-55mm
· Narrower depth of field to create that film like look
· Larger sensors
· Means I only need to carry one camera
· Greater light sensitivity (good in low light) so no need to raise ISO settings, therefore less noise, better picture

Bad points
· Amount of extras/accessories needed to use it comfortably as a video camera
· CMOS chip (unsure what traditional video cameras use but the panning doesn’t look good in video)
· No XLRs for sound
· No Monitor
· Even with external monitors cannot get full settings/features to transfer from camera
· Primarily still a still camera so probably be noisy to operate - maybe?
· I have read that they do not have power zooms which are a standard feature on most pro cams as the mechanism is far smoother would this be a problem?

· Real video cameras provide two aids to assist exposure and focus, ie: peaking and zebras - as far as I am aware the canon 7 doesn’t have either.
· Unsure whether there is the versatility in frame rates and resolution as video cams can shoot at 1080i 24/30/60, 1080P 24/30, and 720P 24/30/60
· I have also read that there are video AF limitations on the 7d and in fact all video SLRS

Be interested in your views/responses.