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Thread: Auto Audio Levels in SVV9

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    Default Auto Audio Levels in SVV9

    Hello, I am doing a school project that requires interviewing other students. I got the footage and well... There was only one channel of audio coming from a hand mic. The other problem is that the interviewer had the mic closer to his mouth when talking than the subjects, so their voice is super loud and the subject's voice is very quiet.
    Our school computers have Vegas Video 9 loaded on them, and I'm not too familiar with this package. I would like to know if there is any filter or FX chain items that can do some kind of auto leveling of the sound? I just want everyone's voice to be about the same level.
    what I've been doing (and it's a PINA) is looking at the wave form and keyframing the audio evelope.... It does a pretty good job, but I feel like there MUST be an easier way!!
    Thank you for any help!

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    Hey Joe,

    No Auto-Levels in Vegas but I can certainly help you out

    Download and install the excellent free tool Levelator from The Levelator® from The Conversations Network. This is designed to do exactly what you want in terms of balancing the different levels and does it far better than you'd achieve with just volume controls.

    First off, you can convert the sound across both channels in Vegas. Right click on the audio on the timelien and select Channels then either Right Channel only or left channel only depending on which channel has the audio.

    Now Render this as a wav file.
    Drop that wav into the Levelator
    Now import the output from Levelator back into Vegas.

    Job done.

    The Levelator® from The Conversations Network

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    From your description I don't think you will be able to do a better job than what you are currently doing. There is an audio FX called Normalisation which is supposed to reduce the loud bits to level off the sound but even with this effect you would still have to do the manual adjustment. There are other effects like compression which take an input signal and adjusts it volume based on your settings which may reduce your issues but again I don't know of any way to really handle this situation other than the way you are doing it.

    Or you could use the Levelator that Tim mentioned.
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    You can try using the Compressor aduio plugin and try setting to -15, also use rubber banding, press "V" to get the lines nt he audio, smacke sure the audio track is selected highlight the bit that needs to go up or donw and pust the line up or done and it shoul move inbetween the highlighted section

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