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    Smile Video Art :D

    Hi there

    Recently I have discovered my love for video art and it is something I'd love to be able to do in the future aswell. My videos are mostly about things personal to me, mainly my emotions. I found displaying them through video was the most personal way I could achieve this.

    So far the feedback I have gotten has been good. I filmed and edited everything myself using a Sanyo Xacti CG9. It's very basic and I hope to get better software soon.

    Any feedback given would be very much appreciated!

    Website:LINK REMOVED

    Chloe Faye.

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    Welcome....but please play by the rules.

    If you want to pimp your YouTube channel, then please put that in the section specifically designated for that (it's a sub section of the Pimp the Link section)

    If you want feedback on a film, then by all means post it here.

    If you want feedback on more than one film, again post them here but one film per thread. This is a tried and tested method of avoiding confusion about what comments relate to what films. See for further info.

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    Oh I'm sorry :S I'm new to this!

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    I've some respect for video artists. I know a couple of fellas who seem to go down that route and I always thought it's cause they couldn't make a 'proper' film. Turns out they can't but neither can I turn out a piece of video art. Try it and see if you can do it. It's good exercise and I personally found I got too bogged down with the technicalities of production and editing (I just love gadgets too much!).

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