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Thread: Final Cut Express Vs Premiere Pro

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    Talking Final Cut Express Vs Premiere Pro


    I know comparing FCE to Premiere Pro is a little unfair, but I've used Premiere Elements and it's horrible.

    Here's my situation. I'm just getting back into editing. I've been working in I.T as a systems specialist and consultant for 15 years working on a wide range of platforms and systems, from servers to automation, to specialist systems.

    I'm a multi-platform man. I have a year old Macbook Pro (Core 2 duo 15" screen) and a Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit Skulltrail workstation (Dual Xeon Quad Core Extreme X9775 3.20GHz, 8GB memory).

    My Windows 7 workstation has dual Dell 24" screens, and I use it for web development, photography (working in RAW via my DSLR), audio production with Adobe Audition (I do podcasts and some radio work), and general day to day. My Macbook is used for testing websites, surfin, and taking out with me to see clients.

    When I decided to get back into video and film in my spare time, I bought Final Cut Express as I thought it was the best option, but I'm wondering if it is?

    I would like to hear other people's opinions, bearing in mind my setup. Should I stick with Final Cut Express and use one of my 24" screens for editing. Or should I consider a switch to Premiere Pro and my colossally powerful computer?

    I have started using Final Cut and have found it to be a learning curve, yet I want to get the best possible results from DV footage, correcting colour, sharpness, audio and effects. Recent example is here: YouTube - The Lone Gunman - Directors Commentary

    I recorded all the audio for that in my home studio with studio mixer, outboard composer, and professional broadcast mics. Additional processing was done in Adobe Audition, before importing into Final Cut Express for the final edit. Footage is very old by the way, and not done on any of my equipment.

    Look forward to your feedback.


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    Personally I find Final Cut the best for me. It took a while to convert from Premiere but now I wouldn't go back. My missus, on the other hand is still very much a Premiere fan and can't get along with Final Cut at all. It's very much a personal decision as Premiere and Final Cut will both do the same job and have the same quality.
    Your decision will also depend on your hardware. Premiere and Audition will work on windows, Final Cut won't. Final Cut will work on a Mac, Audition won't (although there should be a Mac version next year but it will be expensive).

    My personal way of working is to have audio on Audition (running windows on a Mac with Boot Camp) and video on Final Cut.

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