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    Default Vegas AVI - Divx

    Here's something i have been pondering of late.

    Does anyone here have experience of converting AVI DV to DivX? - if so, what program/programs have they used?

    ...or, is there any form of plug in avaliable for Vegas that allows for projects to be rendered out as Divx


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    I personally use the superb and invaluable freeware program VirtualDub, which can be downloaded from

    It's a bit fiddly, certainly not as user friendly as a lot of viditing programs, but it's immensely powerful, flexible and best of all, free!

    (no, i'm not affiliated to them )

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    If you download the DVI-X codec you can then render directly from Vegas Video to DIV-X encoded AVI files. I found it works really well.

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    Thanks, ill give that a go.

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    i'd definitely output to huffyuv or something lossless, then to xvid in vdub, i use vdub for all my avi encoding.
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