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Thread: AARGH!!!! Multiple PIPS requested by customer?

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    Default AARGH!!!! Multiple PIPS requested by customer?

    Good Day All.

    I do part time Videoing of Weddings, Concerts, Plays, etc. I use multiple camera sources, and I edit using Sony Vegas. The Final result is DVD's that are purchased by the attendees of the event.

    One of the playschools is going to have their annual concert, and they have a LOT of children (Enough children so that they cannot all fit on the stage, and will be overflowing into the front wings, and the area in front of the stage.

    Basically the principal of the school would like ALL the action to be covered, and basically wants the DVD to continuously have the Main Action on the bottom 3/4 of the screen {Taking the source from the first couple of cameras}, and the top 1/4 of the screen have about 3 or 4 smaller videos (PIPS), next to each other {From Auxiliary Cameras}. The PIPS need to contain source from the cameras with closeups of the Children (small groups, or individuals) that are not necessarily part of the main action.

    I have tried explaining to the principal that this can be done, but it would :
    1) Be Very Distracting
    2) As everything will be smaller, it will compromise on the Viewability and clarity.

    One Idea I have is that we must only bring a PIP now and then (about every 2 minutes or so).

    Has anybody else had a request like this, and what would you recommend (to try keep the customer happy, and not to compromise on the quality of the Videography).

    Thanks in advance.

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    It would also add to the cost, your the expert explain what is best or leave it, as I am sure they will never be happy with it, for the reasons you mention in your comments.

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    Yes this is a tricky one. What I would do is show the principle an example of how what he wants is not really what is best. If you can either find an example or do a quick demo to show him, then he might see sense. I suppose he just wants all the children in the video, which is understandable. Perhaps he needs or the director of the concert needs to have a re think about their plan to have children in the wings.

    I would not compromise on my artistic integrity but then again this isn't my job. If after your earnest attempt to make him see sense, if he still insists on he's way then just make a commercial decision.

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    If you do what he suggest, it will look crap and you will get the blame.

    You will never get the client to admit "You are right, my idea was stupid and we should have done it your way". He will blame you for not getting the result he had in his mind.

    Bearing in mind that your reputation is only as good as your last job my WOW (Way Of Working) is never to deliver sub-standard stuff, no matter what the client says. If the client is going to be unhappy, then it's better (in my opinion) that he has a good product which is not what he had in mind, rather than a crap product which is what neither of you wanted. Usually (in fact almost always) if you deliver a good video, the client will be happy. It might not be what he had in mind but he'll still pay the bill and be satisfied.

    He will be showing your work around so, your decision. Would you rather that he showed a good example of your work or a bad example?

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