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    i have 16 gig class 6 Kingston and 4 gig class 6 Delkon SD HC cards. Im using these in and recording unit for onbard camera work. The cards some times work and sometimes they dont. I format them a few times and they work.......... i do this by right clicking on them and select format. My question is, is there a certain program i should use or a certain setting i should use when formatting


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    You should format them in the camera. ie, use the camcorder to format the cards. I've had problems if I've used cards formatted by a PC and then used in a camcorder, unless I've formatted them in the camcorder as well.

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    Ill try that, thanks

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    still the same problem, recoreded 2 sessions on the go pro and then it wouldnt record the 3 session, im guessing it has to be bad cards at this stage

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anto Modded View Post
    The cards some times work and sometimes they dont.
    That's odd. I've had this issue when recording long segments of video (> 30 mins); however if there's no common link between instances when the unit fails, I would suggest that there may be a fault with the unit. Have you updated to the latest firmware?

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