Hello Everyone,

I am new to the video market, I have to make a lot of videos for multiple customers, the problem is that I do not want the customer to take the video and run away with it but instead have the video on our Youtube account and then send this video on our website in our business business directory listings.
I know the easy answer for an agreement would be a lawyer but I believe there is a site somewhere on the net with pretty free agreement templates, my budget is very restricted.

What I am looking at is an agreement which explains that the licensee will not own the copyright of the video but the licensor will.
Something else stating that the video cannot be resold, cut or modified in any way by the licensor.
The licensor will have to pay a yearly membership to my business directory in order to keep this video.

The main problem is that English is only my second language making the full thing even harder.

If you have an idea about the type of agreement I need you are welcome to show me the way to a website which could answer my question.