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Thread: Which software can remove noise best?

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    Default Which software can remove noise best?

    Well, i have an very important record in my mobile but I can't get any information from it because of noise. Can anyone help me?

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    Most audio editing software (e.g. the freeware software 'Audacity') contain tools which can be used to reduced unwanted sounds. But, it the noise is so bad that even a human cannot make out what the original sound was supposed to be; then I doubt any standard tools will be of any use. If you able to upload a small sample (a few seconds) of the track; then I would be pleased to confirm my opinion.

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    I actually just joined to ask a similar question. My friend told me about some new audio plugins for video editing and one of them is a noise reduction tool - Video Sound Suite | Bundles | Waves

    Does this noise reduction work well? Does anyone know if these plugins are worth the expense over what comes with Vegas?
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    I guess they can work better than the standard tools in Vegas. Whether or not they are worth the expense largely depend on the amount and type of noice, the required level of cleaning it up; and how rich you are.

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    Thanks Tim. I saw something else on their website that looks interesting - C6 Multiband Compressor Plugin with Sidechain | Waves

    It seems to be used for a couple different things but one of them is for adjusting the levels of speech and music automatically. Do you have any experience with this? It looks complicated, not sure I would know how to use it correctly but I'm curious since I'm always spending time trying to get the balance right with this.

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    This thread was originally about removing "noise". Yes, multiband compressors with sidechaining can reduce noise in certain circumstances; but as I said earlier; it all depends on what you are wanting to achieve.
    If you have little understanding about audio, then such tools will appear complicated. Instead of spending huge amounts on software which you are not sure if you need; then I strongly advise hanging around Forums where audio engineer post. And also to look at all the possible effects available, for free, from software such as Audacity. Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder
    In addition, there may be plugin for your existing Video editing software.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rubberstamp View Post
    Thanks Tim. I saw something else on their website that looks interesting .
    Now, you wouldn't be spamming us would you?

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    The situation completely depends on where the frequency of the noise lies as opposed to the what you want to keep. Probably the simplest way to take it out is to use a graphic equalizer.. you can "scan" for the exact frequencies of noise and then lower that band. It's not hard to do and worth a try. If you send me a small sample, I show you what the result would be.


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    Quote Originally Posted by TimStannard View Post
    Now, you wouldn't be spamming us would you?
    No I wasn't. My friend is an audio guy and told me about waves. They have both of these on the front page of their website and I wanted to find out more from guys like you who might have worked with them. I am sorry however for moving the conversation away from the topic of "removing noise." Thanks for your replies.

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    I use Adobe Soundbooth. You can download a trial and this tutorial shows you how to remove sound: Adobe Soundbooth: Clean Up Audio but I don't know how well it'll work if the sound is as bad as you say it is. It worked for me when trying to remove hiss in the background of an interview.

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