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Thread: Help transferring from miniDV to PC with a decent FPS

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    Default Help transferring from miniDV to PC with a decent FPS

    I am what is often referred to in the professional jargon as "a noob", and I need some help.

    I've recently shot a video using my old Sony Handycam miniDV camera (DCR-HC14E), and while I've figured out how to stream the video from the camera to the PC via USB, I can't get it to stream it with a normal frame rate- it's always somewhere between 6 and 12, which makes for a choppy video.. I've only tried using a software called Debut Video Capture, so I came here for a recommendation.

    Is the low frame rate due to the software itself?
    Is it because my PC is a bit old (P4 2.8Ghz, but I don't feel any slowdown..)?
    Is it the encoding?
    Can you suggest any form of encoding that I should use?
    Or is this how it's supposed to be?

    Thank you.

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    The answer is staggeringly simple - use the firewire (iLink) connection to your PC not EVER USB.... USB simply cannot deal with the amount of data in video... so - if you dont have one already, nip to your local PC shop, get yourself a Firewire card and cable (not more than 20) and all will be well.

    PS - If you dont have the manual - its here - DCR-HC14E (DCRHC14E) : Cameras & camcorders : Sony
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    Damnit... I thought the solution might have been firewire... I just didn't want to believe it...


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    Sorry for double posting, need this to bump.

    Alright, I've got the cable, and the card, what would you suggest I use to capture it? I'm using windows XP, and xubuntu, also what would be a good encoding to use, and lastly to edit it what do you think would be program to use? Again, windows XP and xubuntu..

    Thank you.

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