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Thread: Unable to save video after editing with Vegas 9.0

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    Default Unable to save video after editing with Vegas 9.0

    Hey all. After editing a video, I click "Make Movie" and try to save it as an .avi file. After it saves, I click the video and it doesn't playback, only gives me a blank black screen.

    Right now, I have a 63 second .mp4 file which I needed to shorten to 60 seconds. Is there any way of saving the new shorter video without having to use the Make Movie button? Unfortunately when I click Save, it only saves the project file, not the changes I've made to the .mp4 file.

    Sorry for the noobness of this question. I purchased Vegas last year and made/edited my first video but looking back on it, I don't think I was able to actually save it as a completed video file on my computer; instead I used Vegas to upload it to Youtube.

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    I'm not familiar with the make movie button on my copy of Vegas it has a render option. and then you can choose the format you want to render it to.

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    Thank you for the advice. I forgot to mention that I tried using the "Render As" button however trying to render it as a .mp4 file, it takes it from a 37mb video to a 3kb video which shows a black screen for 1 second. I tried rendering as a .avi file and it also has the same issue with the file being 7mb.

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    I had the same problem starting out with Vegas. I'm assuming your new to it?

    When you have your video done and finished go To file; Render As. From there you should get a little box that comes up title "Render As". Choose where you want to save it and title it.
    Then for Save As Type choose "Main Concept AVC/AAC (*.MP4)"
    Make sure the template section is Template: "Default Template"
    The "Enable Multichannel video" or what ever it is below the "Save as Type" box shouldn't checked.
    If none of that work try re-installing your copy of Vegas.

    If you want to render as an HD video check out the Encoding for HD section of the forum.


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    An other thing to check out is that you don't have render loop region ticked as this will only render the area of the time line you have selected some times you can have a second or so selected without realising it. Also make sure you have the include video and include audio options selected in the custom settings window.

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    I thought I previously replied but I don't see it on here. Thank you guys very very much for all of your help. The problem ended up being that I did have the Render Loop Region box checked. Unchecking it saved the day. Thanks.

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