Hello guys. I'm fairly new to advanced video production and bought a FX1 off a friend at the start of the year.
To begin with I was impressed by the quality, but after watching other videos made with the same camera, I'm beginning to see that somewhere along the line I am losing quality.

Here's a quick rundown of what I'm shooting at.

Sony DV tapes (Non-HD)
HDV setting.
Around 200-400 shutter speed depending on light.
F1/.8 at all times.
Other filters and gain adjusted depending on light.

I'm then capturing into Final Cut Express HD. This is where I think the problems might start.
When I load up FCE and try to Capture a clip, I cannot do it via Log and Transfer, just a straight Capture. Is this Normal? When I have used Final Cut Pro in College, it comes up with a selection box where you can change certain settings. Can I get this with Express?

My 'Easy Setup' settings in FCE are as follows:
Format: HD
Use: HDV - Apple Intermediate Codec 1080i50
Rate: 25.00 fps.

When I view the clips back on my computer without editing (straight from the large file) they still look as though they lack in quality.

Then, when I export my video, to web, I do so using these settings:
Format: Quicktime Movie
Compression: H.264
Data Rate: Restrict to: 7000kbp/s
Frame Rate: Current
Key Frames: Every 24 frames
Encoding: Best Quality
Size: 1280x720 HD
Deinterlace Source Video

Here is a video shot/captured and exported with these settings. It might be good quality, but I'm sure that I have seen better on other videos shot with this camera.

Any help is really much appreciated. Thanks a lot.