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Thread: Audio only in one channel help.

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    Default Audio only in one channel help.

    I recorded some video recently and when I uploaded it to Vegas Movie Studio 9.0 there was only one audio channel that had sound in it. It’s a right pain as I can’t re do this. As the recording was a solo instrument really in mono is there any way I can remove the blank channel and pan the audio to come out both speakers? I have played with ‘gain’ and ‘insert/remove envelope’ Pan with some success but I’m not familiar with the programme yet to know if this is the correct way to approach this. As you will see I’m a novice and only want to edit a few things albeit very important things!
    Thanks very much

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    Not sure if Movie studio will do this, but in higher specced Vegas, you can right click the audio media, go down the menu and in Channels, choose a combination of Left only, Right only, Combine, Swap etc.... have a look!
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    Jezz that's fantastic and possible for me to do. Great help thank you very much.

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