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    Default Selecting All - literally

    Vegas Movie Studio 9.0

    When I insert (right Click) via ‘insert/remove envelop > volume’ and make various edits I then go ‘select all’ then ‘Group Create new G’ all is ok at this point. Then when I drag the entire audio /video footage to the right to make space for some more content the ‘blue’ (volume) line that has all the settings stays put which means that all the edits go out of line. Is there any way of literally selecting all so that when I more the footage everything moves with it?
    I hope I’m explaining this ok.

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    In the Options menu find 'Lock envelopes to events' - that should do it. (I think I read your problem correctly)

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    Use the auto ripple tool, and set it to "all tracks, markers, and regions"

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    Thanks guys - great help and works a treat. Appreciate the fast reply.

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