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    Default my mouse movie

    five min video critiques welcomed..i used a Canon DC320 and edited on Nero 10 on my HP Pavilion dv7-3157ca laptop

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    At around 40 seconds there is a distracting moment when the letter boxing moves. At around 2:40 the wobbly shots of the mouse trap went on to long. I'm very squeamish and didn't like to see the drowning of the mice. In fact if I'd have known it was going to end up as a snuff video I wouldn't have watched it. I know they can be a pest but I still don't like to see them being killed.

    There was a lot of shots/clips where I couldn't make out what I was supposed to be looking at. The one thing I really did like was your mug of coffee at the end.

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    [VIDEO DELETED (see below)]

    Thanks for the reply and critiques. Yes I agree I guess it was a bit harsh. But everyday we get mice out here.., 2 more again this morning. I have little to shoot out here so being desperate I'm willing to tryout my video skills -or lack of- on anything that comes my way. It also gives me footage to practice editing-have to start somewhere I suppose. Incidentally, If I still have your attention here are 2 movies of critters you might enjoy. As you will see wildlife is abundant just out our door. The movie/flick I'm trying to finnish is about the 26 horses here on the ranch.
    Thanks again for viewing/feedback YouTube - palmtreezy's Channel


    Sorry to be a party pooper, but we do insist we keep to the one video per thread rule (exceptions may be 2 parters, re-edits etc). Please re-post you other vid in another thread so it's obvious what comments relate to what vids. Thanks
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