i shot a wedding and edited on Pinnacle STudio 14 and authored on vegas dvd architect and was all ready to send the finished product when i noticed that at the transition point on every clip there is a noticeable blip of static in the audio. when i open the project and play the timeline it is perfect but as soon as i render it the static returns, i have rendered twice with the same result. i'm not sure if this is why, but i had a problem the first time i rendered it where the audio was distorting and i realized the audio levels were set too high, but when i went to change it i discovered that my original project files were gone, i have no idea why or how (a whole other question), but all i had was the rendered file with dodgy audio, so i imported that and muted the audio then laid the soundtrack on the timeline again. like i said, it plays great on the timeline, but once rendered the static returns and i cannot give this to my clients and i am freaking out a little cos i'm running out of time.
PLEASE can anyone help me?