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Thread: MAGIX searching videos to promote you

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    Default MAGIX searching videos to promote you

    MAGIX likes to see your amateur film projects!

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    MAGIX searching videos to promote you

    I’m Oliver with MAGIX

    We, here at MAGIX, are eager to see your amateur film projects! We’ve seen many great videos out there and are now planning to add a section to our MAGIX BLOG and FACEBOOK PAGE filled with your content. We’d like to collect some of the best to post periodically. We hope that you all will send in your favorite, self-made videos.
    This means we’re looking for YOU!
    If you’ve worked with MAGIX software and would like to see your film on our website, please contact us and send your videos. We’d like to help you present them to the whole world and give them the recognition they deserve! (you will, of course, be given full recognition)

    Oliver Bähr
    International Public Relations
    Friedrichstraße 200
    10117 Berlin

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