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    I am capturing video into sony vegas 8 at 720 x 576 editing it the rendering as windows AVI
    720 x 576 then burning to dvd using sony dvd architect 4.0 all at 720 x 576 but when the disc is burned the quality is not 720 x 576 its all fuzzy. Has anyone else had this problem.

    Thanks in advance folks

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    Sounds like you need to change your project setting in DVDA to PAL SD.

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    Already done that and its still fuzzy - cheers

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    Already got it set to pal sd in DVDA but its still the same

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    I don't know if DVDA is using the same codec as Vegas but you could try rendering to mpeg2 in Vegas and use that in DVDA to burn your DVD. Worth a try.

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    Thanks for info but I have tried that aswell with the same problem - anymore suggestions?

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    What bit rate setting do you have in DVDA ?

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    Am using Adobe Encore CS4 now Bitrate is 9.4 Mbps - Still the same

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    I meant what bit rate setting in DVDA. Try creating a working file for mastering and check the video quality before you burn a DVD.
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