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Thread: How do I record from a Edirol V-4 in HD from a multi-camera setup for editing ?

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    Smile How do I record from a Edirol V-4 in HD from a multi-camera setup for editing ?

    I would be recording an event using multiple camera's linked up into a mixer which I am hoping to rent, and I was wondering how to record a master copy of the mixed video rather than capturing the four tapes and doing a tedious editing which might make me go crazy. Thanks

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    I recommend looking at the manual, happily downloadable from the Roland site V-4 Four Channel Video Mixer with Effects
    The spec suggests "The V-4 outputs the same video source to all the three jacks (Composite x 2, S-video x 1)". If so, then I guess you need a computer with the suitable Video input sockets.
    Perhaps I am missing the point here. Please - are you intending to mix the muliticams "Live"? Why is a multicam video mixer required?

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    I am hoping to reduce my editing work by mixing the 3 cameras Live so I ca have a master tape which I add more clips to from other cameras for a fill if need be. I am checking the manual now. Or am I doing this wrong.

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    I'd guess you'll need to hire a talk back system and split screen monitor too and maybe a HD deck to record it all onto.
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    You should only consider mixing it live if you, and your camera operators, know what they're doing. Repairing it afterwards can be more work than simply recording each camera on tape and editing the lot afterwards. As Zero pointed out a comms system is essential and you'll need a bag full of monitors, one for each camera and one to show what you're recording.

    It may be more fun doing it live but it's a lot more risky than the "record everything and sort it out in the edit" system.

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    It can be done, the risk is worth talking. Like the others said you need comm and monitor for each op. You might want to try a quadro split screen. Also possibly take a look at a sound devices sound recorder like the 744T. Which you could introduce for the TC and its HD sound. The thing is a lot will depend on your operators being able to quickly take direction

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