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Thread: Very Neat Sound Collection

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    Default Very Neat Sound Collection

    Along with filming my first short, I found a cool sound collection, that was able to enhance all my clips with stuff.

    Anyway, i found it on youtube, definitely helped me out.

    I also, have another question, what is a good microphone to record interviews? I don't want lapel microphones.

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    To your second question:

    I know they usually use bi-directional microphones (most ribbon mics) in interviews because you can set it down between the interviewer and interviewee and it will pick up both well.

    That being said, it's probably a lot more practical to get something like this: - OLYMPUS LS-10 2GB Linear PCM Digital Voice Recorder

    It's a quality digital voice recorder.. my friend has one and he swears by it!


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    Or try out a Zoom H4n

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