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    Default Problems with Transitions

    Hello everybody,

    I recently started using Vegas Pro 9. I did couple of videos for friends, but notice a problem that cannot solve at the moment. When I add an transition between images or clips and then decide to remove the transition the crossfade effect stayed, and I don't know how to remove it too.
    Also on my last video when I added a transition the second clip turned red in the timeline why is that?

    Thanks in advance!

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    To answer your firts question - what do you want to happen? The transition occurs where two events overlap. If you remove the transition, they still overlap and the default position on overlapping events is a crossfade.
    If you want a cut just shorten one or both of the events (Vegas can't simply "guess" where you want the cut to occur)

    As for the red bits. This appears to be a resources issue that many are experiencing at different - often unpredictable times. It will almost certainly go away if your restart Vegas.

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