Hi there, I'm relatively new to the video editing world and would really appreciate some help with the basics of 'cleaning up' a video.

I've just been provided with lots of 1080 footage of an event, and the quality of it seems very poor. I'm not sure if this is due to the camera it was filmed with, or the codec the video has been supplied in (Microsoft Video 1 CRAM - I've never even heard of it).

Here is a screengrab of the video in question: http://i.imgur.com/MvTOm.png

I have a few questions about it:

  • Is the codec to blame for the quality, or does that look like a camera issue? Everything seems very 'pixelated'.
  • Is there anyway to improve that colour 'banding' effect you see on the white background?
  • Is there anything else you guys would recommend to generally improve the overall quality? The final edit only has to be 720p.

BTW I'm using Sony Vegas Pro 9.

Thanks again.