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Thread: mp4 to DVD problems

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    Default mp4 to DVD problems

    Hello everyone

    We have recently bought a sanyo xacti HD camcorder and are struggling to get any decent results. If I play the files directly on to the computer or tv they look fine, but even with using DVD authoring software, when I put the disc in the dvd player they play for about two seconds and then they freeze up.

    All I want to do is make a video that can be reliably played on DVD players that doesn't look rubbish. We have tried a few different programs on free trial including AVS and nothing seems to work.

    Does anyone else have any mp4 compatability issues? Some programs don't seem to be able to use it at all so have we gone for the wrong format?

    I would really appreciate some advice


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    I think mpeg2 is the usual format to burn a DVD.

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    thank you midnight blue

    I understand that mpeg 2 is the dvd standard but our real problem is getting a succesful burnt disc that has a good quality and will play on any player. Nero doesn't burn Mpeg 2 and even when we found a program that does, the result was blocky and pixellated. Surely it must be possible, with a full HD camcorder, to achieve results at least on a par with TV quality.

    I really need advice on the process of getting a finished video to be a finished dvd that is of a good enough quality to show.

    I would be extremely grateful for any help


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    I haven't used Nero for a while but I think I remember dropping .avi files into it and it had no trouble with them. The .avi files will be big but Nero will sort that out. So long as you are not trying to put more than an hour and a half on to the DVD the quality should be as good as SD TV.

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    I think the problem is with the Xacti. They produce .MTS files which need converting before many programs will recognise them! Try using Windows Movie Maker to turn them into a DVD compatible format.
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    you can use this converter to convert the file to vob and then burn it ,

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