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Thread: Adding an Image over a Video Clip While it is Playing in Pinnacle 14

  1. Default Adding an Image over a Video Clip While it is Playing in Pinnacle 14

    I am making highlight videos for my friends and I for football. I was wondering how I could add an arrow over a player and have it move with the payer for the first second or so of the play. I am wondering this because it makes it so much easier for college coaches to notice and follow you throughout a play if you can see them the entire play and point them out. If you would like to see an example of this please go here: 2010 Jordan Hicks Lakota West 32LB Feb09 . I am using Pinnacle Studio 14 and just cannot seem to figure it out. I get how to do everything else. Please help.


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    Someone please help. I need to get this done ASAP to send out to colleges. I have all my plays cut up, I just need to get t an arrow or something to point me out before the plays. Please help!

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    You haven't really got the best NLE for this type of thing. You need to be able to do motion tracking, I don't even know if Pinnacle does it. Try searching google or YouTube for a tutorial.

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    I would be fine if it even just pointed at me before the play. It doesn't even have to follow me. Is there a way I can do that?

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    Take your pickture of the arrow with a transparent background and place it in the track above the first track at the point on the time line you want it. You should see the arrow point and the first track at the same time. You will have to position and size the arrow to fit.

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    I still cannot get it to work. I did put it on the track on top of it and it isn't even showing up on any of the video clips, but only on like the title sequences. I am getting really confused by all of this.

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    It is only allowing me to put it in between clips for some unknown reason and it won't even show up on those clips.

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    I think your trying to put it on top of the clip on the same track rather than put it on the track above, just like you would with a title overlay.

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    No, I moved the video down to track 2 and tried to put it on track one and it wouldn't work still.

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