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    I recently went on a 24 day road trip and had my HD Sony Everio set up on the dash on most days. I'm now trying to find a way to speed this footage up to fill in between the other shots I've taken on the trip. Any suggestions on what the best way to do this would be? I've tried several different programs and they either can't speed it up fast enough, or take days to render. Thanks!

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    If your software can't speed up the video enough, you need to start creating nested sequences, or exporting the video and then applying the speed increase to the exported video. This will give you exponential speed increases.

    As for it taking ages... That's par for the course!
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    I have similar problem, a couple of hours of HD video that needs to be speeded up to just 2 minutes, have done this many times previously by CTRL dragging the end of the clip down to a small a time as possible, but I have to render, then repeat the process say three times, this takes a few hours. There must be a faster way, all the info is there for Vegas to, say grab only every 60 frames? Would a faster Graphics card help? I have Sony Vegas pro 9.

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    Perhaps - If you don't mind using a Command Line, then ffmpeg is freely downloadable.

    For example, the following Commands would read 'myvideo.mp4 and create BMP graphics (in a pre-created folder named 'tempfolder') from the video at 10 times a second.
    The second Command will read each BMP file and create a video named 'newvideo.mp4', and have a framerate of 24fps.

    ffmpeg -i myvideo.mp4 -r 10 -f image2 tempfolder/%05d.bmp
    ffmpeg -i tempfolder/%05d.bmp -r 24 -sameq newvideo.mp4

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