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Thread: How to edit 2 video clips in vegas pro 9.0

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    Default How to edit 2 video clips in vegas pro 9.0

    Hi ya folks,

    So i went and got myself Sony Vegas pro 9.0 to launch myself into some videos editing..Im kinda new to the software and editing itself...
    I did lots of simple video and slideshow edits in Windows movie maker though...
    So we shot this guitarist in x2 hd cameras, one camera is mobile and shooting from his side, and one stationary shooting upfront.
    Both clips were recording the same audio throm the mixer..
    Now can someone tells me plz how to edit those 2 clips into one with vegas?
    I want to switch between angles to create one complete edited videos with the same audio track...
    Thank you for your help and bare in mind im new into this sort of editing and vegas itself...


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    Drag camera one footage into the time line this will create a video track and an audio track. Now drag camera two footage onto the time under the first one this will create new video and audio tracks.

    Look at the wave form on the audio tracks and line them up by clicking and dragging the footage until they line up. You may find this easier to do if you enlarge the view by turning the mouse scroll wheel.

    Once the tracks are line up I would recommend you lock the audio tracks. You can cut away sections of the top video track to make the lower video track visible. Press the "S" key to split the track and drag it to the right.

    That's one way to do it but I recommend you read the manual.

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    Once you've synched up, you could also use the multi-cam tool built in to Vegas. Ctrl-A to select all, then tools-create multicam track. Shift-Ctrl-D to show both tracks at once on your preview. Now just play through selecting 1 or 2 on your keyboard for which cam angle you want.

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