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Thread: Introduction To myself/Help with What Camera?

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    Smile Introduction of myself/Help with What Camera?

    Hello there,

    I would like to introduce myself first to this lovely active forum

    My name is Khaled Al-Hurby, I'm a Student at Abertay University, Dundee. I'm studying Games Design and Production Management, which I'm really enjoying. This year is my honours year and that means 2 things; Honours Project and Dissertation. Since the honours project is most likely going to be a 1 man development or a team of 4 individuals, I've decided to use Filmography as my medium for my honours project.

    I'm not sure where to start in terms of looking for a camera. I've seen some Suggestions on the forum but not sure myself.

    What should i look for in a Camcorder? For example, if i was to look for a Digital SLR camera i would look at what features the camera has, whats the ISO is on the camera, Zoom, Lens, Shutter Speed, Mega Pixel etc.

    Ideally i want to spend around 700, $1105.27 USD. 1200, $1894.75 USD Maximum on a good camera. I have always thought that, if one was to do something, might as well do it right and invest into good equipment that will give me amazing results. However, you guys are the experts, do you think for a beginner it would be wise for me to go for a much cheaper camera? Due to complicated controls and features with more expensive cameras? However, i remember picking up SLR cameras really fast a few years back and i have till January to learn how to work the camera itself.

    Is there any information sites thats good for beginners that you folks recommend? I am sorry if this Post is a bit bland or in the wrong section of the forum. I deeply appreciate your time for reading my pathetic post lol. Please help me

    I started to look at these cameras;
    • Canon XL2 Camcorder - I've saw a few of these going for 1400 (second hand), they've got pretty damn good reviews
    • PD170 Sony camcorder - They look pretty impressive
    • panasonic DVX100 - As advised by Mark W from his what camera post.
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