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    Default Problems writing to cd-writer

    I've been using premiere pro for about two months so I've got a lot to learn. I captured, edited, and rendered my first video and it plays fine in quicktime but when I try to write the video to a cd the whole video will not capture. I can only capture about 3 minutes of a 26 minute video. The writing process stops at 263,700 KB every time. The 3 minutes of video that makes it to the cd turns out fine. What can I do to write the whole video to a cd? Any suggestions? Thanks

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    Render your Video to a VCD standard rather than Quicktime.

    There are other Premiere experts on these forums who cna advise of the specific instructions.

    Good luck

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    Premiere is more set up to write to DVD than CD, you have to use that media encoder piece of software and unless you know what settings to use, it can be hit and miss. What is the quality of the video like on your CD's?

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