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    Please help if you can !! I'm new to this game and am struggling with the process of file rendering for recording onto a DVD.

    I am using Roxio to capture VHS via a video card on its highest quality. I have then been able edit this file and add transitions etc. I'm not sure what type of file (from the 40 or 50 listed) I should render the finished product to. They obviously have differing qualities and are meant for particualar applicaitons. I want the best quality I can get onto DVD from a VHS input. Does this give me an obvious choice ?

    Furthermore I have tried rendering to a number of different file types, then generating a DVD of the same video in different formats. It seems that files that look similar in file size after the rendering stage, suddenly become radically differwent sizes when copied into the DVD builder.

    Is there a rule of thumb for the amount of best quality VHS input you can get onto a DVD ?

    Any advice appreciated. Thanks, Ian.

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    From my experience - I've been capturing a lot of VHS recently - an hour is good, at 75 minutes you're starting to push it. You should be outputting (I think) as DV AVI before authoring that to DVD (where it ends up as MPEG). In terms of the output to DV AVI, find the highest setting you can - search the board, it's a question that's been asked before (may even be me who asked it...)
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