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    Here's a trailer to my latest feature, anybody like to comment please do, If you would like to see full film please e-mail me. . Thanks Mark Brown

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    Looks good Mark, I really hate boxing but I'm sure the full documentry is very good. Great cut/transition at 1:05
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    I thought that this was a well constructed trailer. The visuals, music and content of the text were all complimentary.

    What let it down for me was the delivery of the speech. Whilst I have little doubt the speaker meant what he was saying it wa delivered rather dryly and rather hurridly - very much like someon who is not used to public speaking might make a reading from the bible or a a poem at a funeral. It needed to be slowed down and spoken with more passion.

    It needed to be learnt and then spoken with feeling. Even if recorded one line at a time.

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    Yeh the speaker was a pro boxer and not a voice over artist we had two takes at that and he wad reading it however he did write it

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    That was one of the things I liked about it. You could tell it was a boxer doing it. Yes he could have done it better but it did give it a kind of authenticity.

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    thanks for your imput guys


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